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Couldn’t See the Products for the Projects

Firt let me say DUH!!! I can’t even tell you why I’m so slow to notice. Well, now that I  know I’m going to get better at listing the supplies that I’ve been using.  

Any link I include for thr products I’ve used will not be an afflait link (unless specifically noted).  I’m not real good at listing multiple links at the same time, so the links I include will most likely link to where I purchased my product. However, I will try to include the names of other places you can find the products as well.

Today was a kind of errand day….yeaaaa. None the less her is my current face.



All in all I don’t have many nit picks on this practice chick…insane right…lol


Prisma Premier Water Soluble Colored Pencils (SSS)

I have been using Dylusion’s 8 x 8 cream journal (SSS )for all of the posts I’ve listed with my practice faces.



Hmmm…Mid-Life Choice??

So, before I pop my most recent big Practice face up, I have a little noe. For the last 6 months or so when I have been out and about I have started to notice an occasional difference. The more I see it the more I like it my hubby is cool with it, so no problem. However in my minds eye I see my Dad’s jaw hitting the floor upon seeing me the first time after my upgrade.

As I’m writing this I’m thinking of my Mom. She gets notified of new posts. So, after reading this will she bust out laughing and keep a secret…or will she attempt to subtly try to ease my Dad into the thought? Thus perhaps softening the shock when his eyes actually see the new doo……hard to say…lol

And noooo I’m not talking a boob change or such. I am increasingly having the urge to dye my hair. I knowwwww this is all about hair dye?!

So, what’s hold up ??….I can’t decide between pink, burgandy / red ish or a pastel shade of lavender. Yup, I’m feeling that I’m going to have a what the heck kinda day and pray I don’t hat it…lolimg_1973

All that being said, here is today’s model of whatever is floating in my mind soon to appear on my journal page.

To Radical??



Sooooo, not that it changes my decision in any way, I thought I’d share my husband’s reaction / comment(s) when I should him this post…..lol to be fair. As  I’ve / we’ve watched tv I would point out  anyone with the look I’d be considering. One other thing is just because we are in the same room…watching the same TV …(at times even on the same couch) should in no way imply that we are on the same planet!!

NOW COME ON BE HONEST!!  I knowwww I’m not the only person  ( with a wife, husband, partner, or a significant other, or any person that I’m honestly trying not to forget to mention.)developing black whole at one specific area that most family members are always alert when passing this area.

Before I forget despite all the life stuff that occurs everyday as people  are  enteracting with each other…you knowwwww…the way life is as we stumble around trying to live it.

Hubby says…”that’d be cool, but your hair is brown and I’m not sure you’d get the color you want”.gotta love that man..(slapping my forehead)….lol



New Day…New Face..For Sure!

First up is a face that I technically ended up drawing last night. I decided that yesterday’s post more than enough content, I am not trying to bore any potential followers. Well, let me just say this lady got a little too much Botox during her last visit…lolimg_1355

While I was tossing lines around on this next lady I realized I had never given anyone black hair. Sooooo, no better time then as the thought passed. Not real sure how I feel about the black hair…actually not sure I feel about the blonde either.No worries there! I have plenty more pencils and journal pages to keep on creating!img_1965

Tsk tsk tsk me and eyelashes, lips, and noses need some….thing…lol

Hope everyone had a nice Tuesday. If  you were lucky enough to squeeze out some craft time..Rock On!


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Love Working on Faces

First, my 3rd and last face from yesterday was bugging me. I didn’t like having reverted to sparse after moving on to creating a first face with hair. So, my first order of business was to update my previous posts last face. I realized yesterday but was too lazy to inset into yesterday’s post, but she looks kinda sad……definitely not purposely done.


I was feeling like I was kinda on aa face roll…lol So, here are the last 2 from today…as of right this minute. Unfortunately, as you can see I have some unnoticed misalignment on blonde. I bet you can’t guess how many times I erased and redrew the right side of her face and not digging blonde in general I dunno kinda looks like you are seeing blonde through water….hmm

No worries…..pencils, colored pencils and a journal….practice ahead—->


Just Life · Practice

No More lil’ Egg Heads….Lesson 2

For some reason today I just decided to take the leap to lesson 2. I know it’s been awhile since I started working on the little egg heads as part of lesson 1. Incase anyone has a memory like mine the online class I’m working on is Beautiful Faces by Jane Davenport.

Here’s my first attempt at practicing larger features. I was rather happy with how she turned out, surprise…surprise.img_1347

For my second try on paper I decided to try and give her a bit more hair.  Not too bad, but she needs a little surgery on her right eye…lol Ahhhh, it is fine she’s young yet….lol


My last test drive for the night got the sparse hair, but in a return I gave her a touch of color. Thought this one ended up better than expected and that is always nice to see!!


Hope this post wasn’t too boring. Hope everyone had a nice weekend!





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My Name is Jennifer & I…

My name is Jennifer. (Holding up right hand ✋️) I am hopelessly addicted to art & craft supplies!! Don’t get me wrong I LOVE❣️) the hands on working in journals and creating cards. No matter what if I’m not multi colored with splats of paint & mediums all over me I haven’t been my craft room.

When I say addicted I  don’t mean I just have a few stamps, rulers, markers, and a few pads of paper. I have a lot of paper which wouldn’t be too bad if I used it. I am a paper hoarder…I have some pieces of paper that are so beautiful  that I can’t bear to use….lol Absurd I know, but it’s the truth. I have had to apply very strict purcase rules to my art / crafting shopping or window Shopping. One thing that makes me weak is all the super neat stuff the companies are always creating!!!

So, you might be wondering why I’m blogging this today. Well, I have been forcing myself to not open any email that does not look like it is from family or a bill. Basicly I don’t open anything that doesn’t look legit.

I broke my rule…well actually I should say I’m going to brreak my rule.  I’m waiting to catch the Lawn Fawn mail box …that is a definite awaiting purchase. I unconsciously start flipping through contraband(lol) emails. Ohh man!! I couldn’t see and read enough I was beginning to create shopping carts st 2 or more companies.


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It Boggles the Mind(at least mine🤔)

I must be walking around this world on auto pilot. Seriously, how else can I be doing this doing that and putting off those other things? Yet, if someone(or even if I just try to remember) I draw a total blank….like loud white noise blank.

taking into account the above information…….uhhh maybe I should say above non information.I find myself getting ready to try and put something amusing in a post because I realize my pockets are bare. I’m not feeling to bad because it’s only been a day or two. Everyone knows how life has to fit in somewhere…..right?

NO WAY!! My eyes feel like they were about ready to pop 👁👁 out of my head. It tells me it has been 10…yes…10 day since my last post!!! Granted I did visit and create another page that I’m deciding if I want to use.

JEEZ, what kind of blogger am I?? Well, we all know the reality of this cyber situation is I get lost. Where? I have no idea, but I’m pretty sure y’all probably guessed that too.

i hope to have something to offer something for anyone nice enough to check out my blog.