SYS2 Day 3


Yup…as always I intently watch class videos or even just Utube videos people have made showing the card making process they used.

Mentally shaking my head agreeing how this little or that little doodad or technique gives the card that added WOW factor. For example; popping card pieces up on foam tape, off setting the layers, rounding the corners or shadow edges to catch the eye. I even go so far as to jot myself a note as a reminder.

Fast forward… some later date. I’m sitting at my desk working on cards for whatever reason and silently think they look acceptable. THEN BAM!!! You guessed it, that is when I remember I should have done this… or I should have raised that or trimmed that. So then what??? I set my jotted notes on my table…push myself from the desk….sigh at myself swearing I would remember to try……next time.

Perhaps someday next time will actually occur….sigh…




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