SYS2 Day 6

WoooHooo!! I was so happy to see a craft day pop into my email!

How much of a coincidence is it that the very first video uses balsa wood and I actually had some balsa wood?! Who has balsa wood just laying around their craft room…lol too crazy.

I even thought to use pattern paper. I loveeeee paper and YES! I’m a paper hoarder. They are so pretty how can you possibly cut or fold these beautiful papers. Worse yet…how can i possibly cut, fold, and put it in an envelope and give it away!! Give my beautiful paper someone?? What if they don’t cherish it….lol. Yes, I know this sounds ridiculous. Guess what? ITS TRUE!! I confess.

Now when I go into craft stores if I lay my hand(s) on a big pad crammed with beautiful sheets of colorful, precious paper I yank my hand away as if I touched hot coals…lol.

First, I love the way this card turned out….ok well I have a few nit picks. First, as you can see or should I say not see that the word on the top right is wishes. Why? I FORGOT TO USE THE STUPID STATIC BAGGIE THING….grrrr. Can you tell I do this often?!

Second, a blob of my carefully flicked silver paint landed right on the bottom of my pretty silver word birthday!! Now being the perfectionist that I am I was just about to while the blob off….then I mentally got an image of a smear of heart break. So, I am telling myself it is adding character and interest. Incase anyone is curious how that is working…IT ISN’T!! IT’S DRIVING ME NUTS!!

The only other thing I wished I’d done different…lol…well besides all the other stuff you just read about is shade long ways so the shading matches the way the card opens. Hmmm, I think that’s all for this critique…lol.

If I didn’t have things to improve upon or do differently I wouldn’t have an excuse to take these neat classes.



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