SYS2 Day 8

Here we go…Day 8. I have no idea why this pic is not showing up as bright after I upload the stupid thing. Trust me, it is bright and cheery.

I was using some cling back stamps from Stampin’ Up and I hate it when the stamp edge marks the paper. I just could not bear to star all over so I put my blinders on…lol.

I’m a little irked that my black sentiment looks messy. It looked fine before I heated the dang thing, oh well…..NEXTTTTTT.






Now this card I am very happy with. I wish the red border was a little farther to the left, but I’m ok with it overall.

Ya know it seems so simple to place a sequin or two or even a pearl, this tone or lol paint drops. Turns out this is a tricky decision. Too bad there is no Do’s & Dont’s of embellishment placement. That could be quite handy.

Hope everyone had a nice Day 8.



  1. Lol…loved reading your entry and the frustrations you felt here and there…tell me about it! its so weird when one makes a silly mistake like that…
    I like your first card, i’m no expert just asking, did you take that photo in natural day light with the flash off? That’s what Kristina suggested.
    Your second card what caught my eye…love your bright and leafy border. Reminds me of an old PTI stamp.
    Plz, if i offended you in my comment, forgive me.


    • No worries I’m not offended. I appreciate the advice. I learn many new info and tips from advice. Ironically I would have never thought of the question to get the tips given.

      Nope I just took both of the pics with my phone. Mostly because it’s like 120 degrees outside. Ok maybe not 120 maybe it just feels like it’s that hot.

      Thanks for the complements on my cards. I like the 2nd one best. The first time I was doing the colorful edge I applied squeezed lemonade and then heat embossed dark purple circle things. Only problem is my dark purple was a weird red after the heat was applied…lol. So, take two is the pink and the actual red heat embossing. Red before and after the heat was applied…go figure

      Sorry for such a lengthy reply. I didn’t realize my blubbering lasted so long. Feel free to delete if you’re running low on disk space…haha


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