SYS2 Day 10

SYS2Day 10-1

Due to the fact that I get a night of cooking…going to parents for dinner I’m doing my post early.

Which is no big thing except I don’t have as much play time….boohoo…lol. Don’t worry Ma & Pop your worth every second.

This is the card I have for today, not sure if I’ll get to a second. As you probably noticed I decided I need a bigger fishy view window. I wish I would’ve had one more circle size between the two I used. I would have liked the white layer a little thinner. However, any attempt I made to cut it down myself ended Up in a frustrated crumbling of paper. Sooooo, I decided to make do with this set up.

When I was stamping my sentiment with versa mark I noticed that the stupid thing was missing 3 of its dang letters. In my brain I was hearing echos of statement I have heard many times. …clear stamps are great(I do agree) because you can just re-ink then re-stamp what ever was messed up. I have witnessed our oh so beloved and talented teachers fix a mistakes in a heart beat without appearing to even have to align anything. Ask me how many times I have actually had this work successfully…..go a head ask. Well, I will tell you NEVER EVER EVER!! Grrrrr as I’m sure you’ve guessed by now this is my revised sentiment. Don’t get me wrong I don’t hate it…I just liked the other one better…sigh. The trials of being a crafter….lol

With thoughts of more crafting / card making I will talk to y’all later. Have a crafty great day.


  1. I love this card.. and I love the addition of the starfish. I am hoping that the teachers have to do a couple “takes” because if not.. I am really kind of a screw up. Dropping my stamp into the middle.. ink every where… back, front and on the carpet. Beautiful card!


    • Thanks!! Lol. Hey now…I try to cover the ink blotches with throw carpets…lol if I don’t come out of my room covered in glue, glitter and ink you know I have not been and that is the truth…heehee


  2. I really enjoy your honesty in your posts! I too have a lot of ‘issues’ when making cards that our teachers see to do effortlessly! But I suppose we keep on trying as it makes us happy as well as frustrated sometimes 🙂


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