SYS2 Day 9

SYS2Day 9-1

Ahh Day 9…what can I say I love flowers. Even better are these stamp sets they are coming out with that contain a smorgasboard of pieces!! I can build my own stuff…kinda like Frankenstein except a lot prettier.

For the most part I really like the way this card came out. I do love PINK. There are just 2 things that bug me, but really they are only one thing. The two round “rose” type flowers. When I look at the card I see pink tires or pink donuts. I’ve toyed with trying to squeeze leaves or buds or anything there to revise the view. Obviously I have had no luck finding any revision that satisfied my eyeballs. So…ta da, the card is


I was thinking how clever it was to take a pic with the cell phone as a memory tool.

As I watched the video and then when I was reading the PDF to refresh the process for making this card I was trying to remember this tidbit. There is only one problem.

After moving stamps all over again and again trying to get my blueprint I realized I CANNOT PLAN AHEAD!! I just have to hold my nose pick up a stamp and dive right in!! Yup, just have to wing it then as I mosy along it either gets banished to the scratch paper heap or…….it becomes a card.

I don’t like that I couldn’t get the correct angle when I was taking my pic. I wanted my gold lines to look like my sentiment, shiny, pretty gold instead of brass…lol oh well.




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