SYS2 Last Day…sniff

SYS2 last-1

First let me just say…THIS WAS THE MOST COLORFUL MESSIEST CARD I have ever tried to create. Oh M GEEEE..I am covered in silver, light and dark purple embossing powder! Oh and let’s not forget a little versa mark to make it stick real good.

One thing is for sure. I will remember this class for Avery long time. I will remember all the great ideas and techniques and of course every time I wipe up purple and silver embossing Ain’t crafting great!!



SYS2 Last-2

Ahh card 2. I cannot believe I only had one serious goofed up spacing doing this freehand or tool less. I was amazed and aggravated at the same time…lol

Well then there is that little ghost HA on the bottom left that I’m pretending I can’t see….

I am bummed our class is over. Now I gotta see how lucky I am on the 21st.

I hope everyone enjoyed the last two weeks. I loved looking at all the different ways a card can end up looking depending on a persons interpretation.








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