Finally Tried the Fun Foam & Balsa Wood

I have seen people using fun foam, not sure if that is the “real” name, in constructing their cards and have always liked how the finished cards looked.  Only problem is I would always forget that I wanted to experiment with the look.

Fun Foam Bday
Fun Foam Bday Card

Today I happened to glance at one of the pages from the Stretch a Your Stamps 2 online class that I just finished.  The room got brighter as a spot light flashed on over my head.  Finally….I remembered to use my foam stuff.  I used  the Upper Case Fun dies from My Creative Time that came in the mail today to die cut the letters on this card.  Love it/them.  The pink paper is from Stampin’ Up can’t remember the green one.

Balsa wood B Day card
Balsa wood B Day card

The balsa wood was an ah ha moment.  As I was die cutting the foam the balsa wood laying on my counter caught my eye.   This time instead of a light bulb going off over my head a “?” Blinked off & on.  As the picture shows the balsa wood worked awesomeeeely.


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