Good News / Bad News

Technically these things happened yesterday.  However I kept getting distracted every time I headed for the computer.  The good news is my Simon Says Stamp(SSS) order was delivered and my Clearly Besotted stamp set came that we used in the Stretch Your Stamps 2 class.  Of course Have I gotten a chance to play around with it yet?  No!  I hate when you have been wanting something and then when you can finally buy and have it in your hot hands your not able to hide and create .

Now the bad news.  So so sad, disappointing news.  Even with all of my participation and an abundance of goodies(prizes)….. I won nothing……zero…nothingggg yesterday when they listed the prize winners from the Stretch Your Stamps 2 class.  Boo Hoo!  I was feeling like it was my time to win..a las it was not to be.

I have decided to increase my odds.  Next time I will have to play around and make extra project examples to upload to the class gallery.  As long as it is not against the rules.  Gotta follow the rules ya know.

Moving on.  I changed the theme for my blog and I like how it looks.  However, things can never be that simple.  I cannot figure out how to make the blog so that it IS NOT full width.  I want it to show my side bar.  I have read all kinds of potential directions, but I don’t understand 1/2 of what is being instructed.  Especially when the instructions start including the need to fix the code….ughhhhh

I’m off to see if I can fix my issue.  Good evening to all.

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