WOWZERS!!!…True Story

Today I had the most amazing thing happen that I just HAD to share.  Unfortunately I did NOT win the lottery.  However I did find the occurrence to be just about as rare

Amazing Gas Receipt on 8-24-2014
Amazing Gas Receipt on 8-24-2014

these days.

NO!! Your eyes are not deceiving you.  I somehow managed to rack up $2.72 in Fuel Reward Points between last payday and this payday.

At the pump I zipped my WD fuel rewards card then my debit card and couldn’t believe my eye when I saw the price .48 per gallon appear I had to do a triple take.  Yup the double take wasn’t clear enough.  Try as I might I could not quite squeeze the maximum of 20 gallons into the tank.  I did click the nozzle until I thought if I didn’t stop I would be wearing gas.  As much as I wanted to get the whole 20 gallons  I did not want to be wearing any.

A glance at the pump read out while I was waiting for the receipt to print showed my total of $9.07.  YES!! $9.07!!  Disbelief is still floating about, ahhh but the proof is on a little strip of paper.

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