Experimenting to Save $$

My friend, Jeri and I had a girl’s crafting bum day yesterday. Of course our area is very sparse on good craft stores. We hit Hobby Lobby, Scrappin’ Shack, and Violette’s.

Jeri had seen someone somewhere online that used pony beads to make enamel dots. They’re wonderful, but a tad on the pricy side. You know what that means…since she couldn’t remember who or where she originally saw it was search / wing it time.

First dot batch
First dot batch

First, thank you whoever you are for the tip and money-saving potential. So, after many tries of different lengths of time and oven temps the following is where I decided to end. I may try others ways later, but for now this worked good enough for my needs.

I wasn’t sure what to bake them on so I used a silicone mat on top of a cookie sheet. I used 425 degrees for the oven temp. For the bake time I took a peek every couple of minutes until I liked the way the dots looked. It seemed approx. 17-20 minutes for my set up. Ovens vary so I’d say supervising is necessary no matter what set up is used.

Blue my baked drop & black is a purchased dot(no package so no name brand)
Blue my baked drop & black is a purchased dot(no package so no name brand)

I left mine with a slight curve on the top and of course they had a flat bottom. When I baked them until they were flatter I didn’t like. The result as much. Of course I forgot to take a pic of the flat couple before I trashed them. I’ll try to get a pic next time I bake some. Below is one of my baked dots(blue) and a company I don’t have the package for(black)


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