It’s Enough to Make Me Scream

Did I get to play with crafty stuff today?  NO!!  Why you ask?  Have you ever tried to change from car insurance company to another??

I changed my husband’s and my car insurance from State Farm to Esurance.

My car
My car

We’ve had State Farm for probably 10 years, but Esurance was finally able to save us money.  This was such an easy process fill out info show proof of previous insurance, pay and Ta Da!!  DONE.

NEXTTTTTTT my 17 year old son and his father decided Direct General was cheaper for him.  So, my husband(son’s step-Dad) is the primary driver and my son is the part-time driver. Keep in mind I started the switching process at the exact same time. We filled out the info…check, I pay…check then we are instructed to fax proof of ABS brakes and proof of prior

The 1st car my oldest son had.  Works good with the subject of this post.
The 1st car my oldest son had. Works good with the subject of this post.

insurance.(sounds easy right) the next day I faxed said info and then heard nothing. So, I emailed asking if the had all the info that they needed.  Two-three days later I get an email stating that yes, they had received everything. La la la a week later I get a letter saying they are raising the insurance $148 because I did not show proof of prior insurance…???  What?  So, once again I send info through email this time a lady says she will call us back in20 minutes.  1 1/2 hours later my husband calls for the person were working with had gone home. HUH??!!  Ok restart have to re-email prior insurance info, done promptly.

This person says I’m sorry but this is not the right paper.  Today I call State Farm and try to obtain the proper info. Well this looks right but we can’t fix it tonight you will have to call back tomorrow!!  SERIOUSLY??  Oh and in the mail today I get a thing telling me they need and additional $97.!!! WHAT!!  So, I s’pose we will see what happens tomorrow .  Oh yea the first payment is due the 13th.ARGHHHHH

UPDATE!!! 9-9-2014

Its amazing and I won’t believe it’s fixed until the bill arrives.   A person from Direct General actually called a little bit ago.  She called to tell my husband that everything   seemed to be resolved.  She gave him the new corrected payment amount.  Knock on wood we will see what happens in four days when the payment is due.


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