When I Do It I Do It Big!!!

What a day!

The day starts uneventful. I’m puttering through my day little bit here n little bit there.  Not doing anything very noteworthy.

Then just about the time I’m able to sneak in a little crafting….dum… dum….my day takes a change in direction. I had to make a quick potty run before craft time.  As I was washing my hands and turn to dry my hands IT happened!!

The pocket on my shorts get snagged on something, no biggie there.  Then I heard a pladunk…Mentally I’m thinking what the???  Out of the corner of my eye I see the toilet…..You read correctly!  THE TOILET!!  Any other time the top would be closed.  BUT NOOOO NOT THIS TIME!! IT WAS OPEN!!

I did a brain pause ewww toilet water…then reached my hand in and snatched my phone out. I hurry and rinse it off, it stays on for a little bit, then goes to the big cell phone dump in the sky.

All I could think of was that stupid contact commercial. The one talking about being careful to not run out of contacts.  As the camera pans over to show the ladies last contact landing in the toilet water. Followed by showing the lady’s arm slowly, cringingly reaching toward where the contact had fallen.

Luckily I pay for the insurance.  So, $170 and a short online form later and they will overnight me a(most likely a refurbished) phone. Unfortunately I’m about 6 months away from being able to get a new model.


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