MCT Design Challenge Thursday

As I sit here and gaze at this most recenr challenge inspiration other than liking the clors i am completely blank. I stack paper and stuff in front of me then look back at the picture / colors and put stuff away and get others out.

 Finally, i just decided that whatever is on my desk at this particular moment is what was going to be used. Then i held my nose picked up a piece of paper and started cutting. One thing i know is that i have used an array of greens, greys, and black. Of course there are other bits of other colors.
MCT Challenge card dry
MCT Challenge card dry

I used MCT Picture Perfect Stamp & Die Set and MCT Celebrate The Good Times Stamp & Die Set. The papers are all from Stampin’ Up unfortunately im not sure of the color names.

I wanted to take the picture today so the camera lenses are still a little foggy. I will most likely take another picture tomorrow when they have dried. I decided green ice cream would be like something out of a Dr. Suess book, and not at all tempting to the tase buds. Since I have been dying to use this MCT Celebrate The Good Times stamp & die set i dug around for some more appatizing ice cream / cones.


    • Ahhhh thank you much. ‘Twas my BFF who so kindly pointed out the ice cream cones in my possession. Apparently I had tunnel vision and only saw the cupcake in this MCT, celebrate Good Times Stamp & Die set.


    • Thanks, ya know I have just recently got a few dog stamps and dies. I have not come across any kitties. However, my eyes are on the look out. I’m surprised I have not seen any dies by Memory Box.


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