1 Post For 2 Blogs Only Once

After working with / on my primary blog, PaperKutzs for awhile I realized I might have to change things up. Life being life I noticed I was having a hard time sticking to crafts as my only subject matter.

I wasn’t sure linking another blog was the best way to fix what I surmised as the issue. Then again I don’t really know how this whole blog world works or is supposed to work. Here is my thought process. I got my blog,, PaperKutzs up and running but noticed I wasn’t keeping with my intended subject matter. I really wasn’t sure if this was a big deal. However, after looking / reading bunches of crafting blogs I noticed that they were sticking to the subject of crafting.

For whatever reason I didn’t want to start a completely separate blog. Of course if at any time I’m given a logical reason why I should do things a different way I am not opposed to modifications.


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