…and Tomorrow I Color!

It seems like I have been waiting forever. In reality I have probably only been waiting for about a month. Be it here ner there my Online Card Class Using Copic Markers begins tomorrow…..Yea!!

i have been searching near and far for the best way to store my Copic Markers.  As of right now I am using those black Copic wallets. Up until recently this has been working great. However yesterday I finished filling my 2nd 72ct wallet. Carrying two of these is awkward, I can’t even imagine lugging 3 around. I have seen the big Copic bags and I saw a lady who had hers set up so the each hod their own slot instead of just a big bag with a hodge Podge of markers in smaller bags. Ideally this non hodge Podge system is what I’d like to do. It’s just so pricy, Ya know?  I mean the markers themselves are pricy. Then if you want any semi ease of storing and finding you have to shell out additional bucks.

As I’m sure it’s become clear I am a obsessive penny pincher. Always trying to find ways to cut costs on the must haves to try to buy things on the wish I hads side.

ahh well if it’s not one thing it another. Right?

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