OCC Copic Day 1 Two Marker Blending

OCC Day 1
OCC Day 1

I love how bright Copic colors are. There are a couple of little oopsies, but all in all I like the way my practicing came to be.

Yesterday after I finished practicing on my little birdies and butterflies I decided to practice day 1 again. I do absolutely love balloons. In addition I just had a feeling in my gut that I didn’t color them in the correct technique, my OCD was harassing me to redo that day of coloring.I am much more satisfied with this sheets finished product by far over my first practice sheet. Of course you will see that all but 1 of the bottom row were unsatisfactory.  The far right bottom present unlike the other 2 was a manufacturer boogie trap.

Prancing Day 1 items
Prancing Day 1 items

As I was casually coloring that last gift(far right) everything was fine…..THEN everything changed!! The tip of C7’s marker touched the gift barely a hair. The next thing I knew I had an ever-expanding grey blob consuming my paper. My eyes & mouth popped open in shock. Yes, it happened….the marker was filled to bursting. Now don’t get me wrong I love getting every penny I’m due, but this is not the way in which I’d hoped to receive it.

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