A Day of BFF Anixety & Yes, OCC Day 5

Earlier this week my BFF told me that some medical tests didn’t come out so well. Like me when I’m told news of this type I want to see a doctor the day before. On the contrary when trying to make a follow-up appointment every medical office acts like an appointment a week or month away is fine. Well it’s not okay!! It is important an ASAP appointment is what’s needed, peace of mind needs to be restored! Thankfully, she was able to get an appointment for this morning.  Unfortunately scheduling at least one or two more appointment are going to be needed to get the whole picture.

BFF friend of mine just know my thoughts and prayers are with you. Waiting for the answers that I know you(& me) need and are anxiously awaiting.


OHHHHH-MMMMM-GEEEEE!!! I’m going to post this hair / skin practice sheet then I’m going to attempt my little ballerinas. Let me just say….as of today I HATE COLORING SKIN & HAIR! I may perhaps change my mindset at a later date. Like after I’ve colored 1000 more of these head shots. However, I think if I look at another today I am going to scream!!

Hear I sit with the head practice sheet shoved away to cleanse my Copic coloring mojo. Out comes my first cutie patooty ballerina practice sheet. I am glad to report that the 2 that I colored

OCC DAY 5 ballerinas
OCC DAY 5 ballerinas

although still in need of work they turned out so much more acceptable. Hopefully is having a peaceful coloring session.

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