Groceries, Sweat, & a Little Copic Coloring

Today was the day I could no longer push aside the grisly task of grocery shopping. Yes, that’s right I had to go spend a butt load of money on a depressingly minimal amount of food. The thing that makes this even worse is the fact that I wanted to use that money on crafty stuff. Another year and I’ll just have to buy dog food and the makings for ham sandwiches, with the occasional extras for visitors.

When I walked out the door around 9:45a.m. I mentally registered a few degrees cooler than previous days(mental clapping). On the other hand when I got out of my car as I parked in the driveway it was back to sticky and humid….yuck

After I got all the junk inside and put away I plopped myself down the couch. At first I just melted into the cushions occasionally


tossing glances to my Copic pile. I gradually awakened from m  y vegetative state and set myself up for a little practicing. I decided I needed to dive in and try blonde hair again. After all the last two ballerina’s reddish-brown hair I ended with yesterday turned out. More acceptable. Surprise Surprise my blonde hair turned out better than previous, shoot I’m even liking the skin tone looks a little better. As of right now I’ve only colored the one dancer, we will see what the rest of the evening brings.

Happy coloring!!

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