Today was another day of great class videos and information. Only reason there are no posts from class is I wasn’t able to get to my craft room today. However, you can bet I’m going to figure out how to get in there tomorrow. We shall see what tomorrow creates….


Hip hip hooray! I got to play with some crafts today(Sat. 4) I used the blue halo background touch and I like the way it makes everything light up. That combined with tracing and adding little marks with a fine liner gives a great addition to the already colorful Copics.

There is one thing that I did that’s aggravates me. The worst part is I knew from trying many times previously that I was not going to like it. As with all the other times I attached the Happy Birthday sticker and got it placed almost the way I wanted and what do you think happened? Yup! You guessed it, I hate it! Of course with it being a sticker and all I’m stuck(so to speak) with it….lol Oh well there is always next time.

Ok, I realize I totally don’t think about putting the name of the supplies I use on my projects. I am going to work at doing this on a regular basis. The stamp set I used was by MyCreativeTime.com and the name is Bloom Where You Are Planted. The paper is Stampin’ Up and I applied glossy accents to a few of the flowers.


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