Temporary Copic Holder
Temporary Copic Holder

After seeing y’all show the ways you have stored your Copics I once again began scrounging. I have had my Copics stored in 2 72ct Copic bags plus extra in like a gift bag. Not easy to color with them close, but not enough  markers that I felt justified in purchasing the big mamma jamma Copic bag. That will be the goal when my collection gets bigger.

I once again paced around my house room by room. looking at objects and picturing them as feasible Copic holders. My eyes fell upon this little cubby not real wood 9 cardboard drawers the front thing where the fronts were falling off(light bulb).

I removed the cardboard fronts that were falling off and it then resembled cubish type item. I did have an issue when it sat flat on my desk, markers were falling. I think maybe the cubbies needed to be a little deeper. So, once again I began scouring around the house trying this and that to angle the box back a tad to compensate for the shortness. The top of a storage box, although not ideally the look I wanted was the angle I needed for marker security.

Someday I will come across a better holder….someday.



  1. Try a piece of square or rectangle wood from the craft store. Dowels from the garage etc. can be cut to length and hot glued or taped to the bottom and remain out of the way. I think this is an excellent idea, good scrounging.


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