My day started having to drive 45 minutes(hubby actually did the driving) to a doctor I’m sick of seeing. My appointment was at 9a.m.(1st apt of the day)doctor didn’t  even arrive at the office until 10a.m. YES! He was not even in the office ’til an hour after my appointment…grrrrrr

I would switch doctors except after 10 years of trying to find a doctor he is the only one who has helped me. So… I am stuck!! The stupid drive and sitting waiting to leave and driving home kills me for 2-3 days. ughhh sorry for whining!

My Ebrush Copic air brush tool.
My Ebrush Copic air brush tool.

As soon as I got home I walked directly into my craft haven and didn’t come out until 7p.m. I just have to say I wish I had set my Copic markers and desk this way a long time ago. It is so awesome to just reach and grab a marker or 10. I also got to play around with my eBrush Copic air brush tool (machine or whatever you want to call it) no high speed compressor like on the video today, but still fun fun to use.


I have a long way to go before I can say I’m even an amateur, but I’m relatively happy with today’s end products. There is no sentiment on this card either as I am putting together a variety of cards, envelopes, a handful of different(pick the one she needs) sentiment banners with adhesive strips, stamps, and a pen.

This card I air brushed the sky, grass, and sun, the bike is from Memory Box. I used the white pen and a pink glitter pen for the little dots that I intended to resemble tiny flowers.


On this one I used the wheel barrow and tools die set by Elizabeth Craft Design. The rain drops and grass were air brushed with Copics through 2 different stencils and I’m sorry to say I don’t have the packages. I used a brad resembling a flat head screw in the middle of the wheel barrow wheel.

My last card that I made today was Copic-less. I have just been trying to use this flower stamp for a week….the stamp set is Penny Black Blooming Garden, I also used the

Penny Black Blooming Garden stamp and die.
Penny Black Blooming Garden stamp and die.

coordinating die also by Penny Black. The green glitter is from ECD the ivy edge is a Martha Stewart edge punch. I also outlined the  flower with a red glitter pen. The ink pad was SSS Shadow pad pale tomato.



  1. I think you did such a wonderful job! I am really hoping for an airbrushing system for Christmas. I will be thrilled when I can do as well as you are these backgrounds! Keep up the good work!

    P.S. I have been dealing with medical issues that put me on disability 18 years ago and am still recovering from major anterior/posterior cervical spinal surgery that was 10 months ago (not with great success – I have chronic muscle spasms between my shoulders since surgery). I tell you all of this to let you know I can really empathize with you about your doctor being so late and extending the time you had to sit there, just making your recovery time that much longer.. I find working on my paper crafting can take my mind off of my pain and problems, and for that brief time I am in a world where pain is not the main issue! I hope you are doing better and that your friend!

    Hugs, Marianne aka Aunt Marianne


    • Thank you so much for so many things in this comment. Somehow things seems a slight bit mor tolerable when you find someone who can relate to those awful things that others cannot even begin to know by just looking at us. I hope Santa is able to come through for you and I totally agree with your crafting therapy. Keep on keepin’ on!


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