Online Card Class(OCC)

OCC C&S 4 Day 7

What a wonderful surprise!! I didn’t expect to have a class today…Woohoo!

Today’s card thankfully turned out pretty close to what I was visualizing. There is one thing. Right at the very end I was wiping the ink off of the little black dot I had put in the middle of each

OCC C&S  4 Day 7
OCC C&S 4 Day 7

flower and it jumped clear off of my stamp block….

I felt around on my desk and floor with no success. Of course, I didn’t expect that I’d be able to find a clear, tiny, maybe the size of a pencil tip stamp.

Yes, I have other little dots I can use. It’s the principle of the thing…I have a stamp set MISSING a stamp!! Even if it is the size of a booger….lol

Online Card Class(OCC)

OCC C&S S 4 Day 5…tread carefully for the faint of craft

Ahhhh yes day 5. What can I say about my card for day 5. Well, I loved the card I was making for day 5 right up until I did the last two steps.

Then…THEN I hated my card for day 5! After working so happily and diligently on said card there was no way I was starting over. I wanted to rip it to paper pieces, but the cheapo in me just couldn’t do it…lol

OCC C&S 4 Day 5
OCC C&S 4 Day 5

So, I decided I would stand tall and proclaim…..YES! It was I who made that horrific excuse of a card…grrrrr As a crafter you must take the good with the bad.

Of course things weren’t so dramatic but it makes it more fun to read…lol

I know, you can’t wait to hear what the two foreboding monstrosities were contained in the last two steps Well, ONE, was the embossing!

I’m beginning to think I am not able to use Distress embossing powders, brown in this instances.  This of course is so weird as I use a ton of other distress product types. However this is one of many failed attempts with the distress embossing powders and there have been several different an attempt to make it not be so awful (Ha, yeah right) I tried tracing the embossed letters with brown markers.  I still consider this part of 1.

Now the icing on the cake the….SECOND misstep. I was carefully( so I thought) trimming the beautifully colored yet terribly embossed top piece and carefully centering  it on the blue card base I remove my hands….and WHAT!  One of the short ends was cut at a slant, not exactly sure how this even happened. Then I saw I either had not centered that piece on the card base OR I had cut that piece at a slant as well.

Crafting days like these are exhausting.  Alas, tomorrow is a crafting day of new… Sorry if this post is too long, it just ended up being what my mind and fingers typed. Of course, if the reader of this post tired of my banter they wouldn’t be reading this part anyway…LOL





Online Card Class(OCC)

OCC C&S Day 6

OCCC&S 4 Day 6
OCCC&S 4 Day 6

Just to be clear I stirred the heck out of the colors and perfect pearls…. Now look at my card and shake your head tsk tsk tsk she should have stirred it more.  Grrrr even when I put on my Granny magnifying glasses the only time I saw those dang particles was when my brush hit the vellum!  WHAT! I snatch the paper up and what do I see tiny PP particles!!

sorry, I needed to vent?   All in all I guess the card looks decent enough to slap it up in the gallery.