OCC C&S 4 Day 7

What a wonderful surprise!! I didn’t expect to have a class today…Woohoo!

Today’s card thankfully turned out pretty close to what I was visualizing. There is one thing. Right at the very end I was wiping the ink off of the little black dot I had put in the middle of each

OCC C&S  4 Day 7
OCC C&S 4 Day 7

flower and it jumped clear off of my stamp block….

I felt around on my desk and floor with no success. Of course, I didn’t expect that I’d be able to find a clear, tiny, maybe the size of a pencil tip stamp.

Yes, I have other little dots I can use. It’s the principle of the thing…I have a stamp set MISSING a stamp!! Even if it is the size of a booger….lol


  1. I know exactly what you mean about the missing stamp. I opened a brand new (I bought it a while ago, but never used it) Mama Elephant stamp set and found that I somehow managed to lost the kite! It’s crucial too as there is a little boy and a little girl with their arms up in the air . . . with no kite to fly!! Anyway, great take on the lesson! Hazel x


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