OCC Day 5 Stretch Your Stamps

OCC Day 5 Stretch Your Dies
OCC Day 5 Stretch Your Dies

As I sit watching the first video of the day I ponder my ability to do this technique. As I ponder I wonder how many tries it takes these awesome teachers to place an actual stamped image into a space that was masked off leaving a perfect blank space for said image.

When watching the videos it appears as if they take a second to line up and then press and BOOM there lies the perfect image in its waiting space.

I must say, it does seem so simple. After all I’m using a clear stamp press with a clear stamp for my image. Piece of cake!! … NOT!

I carefully make sure the stamp is turned correctly for where I’m going to stamp, ink the stamp, stand up, stick my tongue out for better perscsion, eyeballing as I slowly lower and finally commit ink to paper. I’m thinking I think that looked about right as I’m removing so t can see perfect….

NO…no…no a little too far left or a little to low down. I tell you it is enough to make a grown crafter cry. Try…try…try…and try again. I know it’s doable. I just need to remain sane until that day finally comes.

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