One Day at a Time

Remembering to post in my blog seems to be a difficult habit to break. I’m only one day late as I posted this on FB last night. So, no to terrible.

Yesterday I was not able to fully dive into complete messiness of the charcoal aspect of this Moody workshop by Connie Solera. I was able play around with this sketch as she worked on something similar as I watched. Connie Solera is also the creator of 2016 21 Secrets Tools & Techniques and 2016 21 Secrets Colors Colors Colors.

I am in the process of getting pictures to post some work I’ve done from some of the other great previous workshops I have finished. Each workshop is presented by a different artist in their chosen style. I’m off to see where the next workshop takes me….


Challenge · Mixed Media

Working on Week 1 of Art Heart & Healing.

As I mentioned on FB I stumbled upon a treasure trove of artists with great information on many different art types. They are a great group of people. It is nice to be able to share anything you might know and receive information in return that you had no idea you had even wanted to know…lol

Although my Mom and husband always say my finished projects turn out great (they could potentially be slightly biased…hehe) which certainly is always nice to hear.

However, there are times when it is nice to hear what an impartial person in the art field has to suggest or point out. Which makes it nice being able to post projects you’ve done and know that you will receive useful and honest opinions & /or advice. Right now I am working my way through Week 1 of the FREE class  by Tamara Laporte on

I have not been a very diligent blogger, However, to be fair I may need to take a blogging tutorial? . I do have the aspirations to change this, we’ll see how it goes.I am posting one previously done drawing and a colorful journal spread I created in the process of working through Week 1 of the free class referenced to above. knows….I may put more of my mixed media trial on this site. In the past I didn’t consider this, I simply placed my card making. Sorry if this is so long. I have to get acquainted with blog form.Art Heart Healing Week 1..10/19-10/22-16

Practice & Doodling 10-15-16

Hot Lips 10-21-16


Starving for knowledge

I don’t know about you all, but when I fall in love with yet another aspect of crafting I’m all in. By this I mean I can’t get and learn to use all the sticky, flowing, and colorful media on paper or canvas or any surface fast enough!

When working with mixed media the hardest part for me is to turn off my brain and follow where the art takes me. Secondly, I also have to learn to look past my finished product…….especially when it turned out differently than expected or desired. Slowly this is getting easier. As my vision becomes more forgiving the more enjoyable my art sessions become.

One day I decided to try art journaling. I had no idea what an enormous weight would be lifting off of my heart and shoulders. To me the art journal seems to be the diary of days past. So, depending on how my journal evolves will determine if others’ are able to read it or if they simply enjoy a book of art I’ve created.

Of course, as most people I’ve read about or watched I have several art journals going at one time. The intriguing aspect of this is the open ended question…..Isan art journal every truly completed??


WOW!! Time…Where do it go?

Whew, where to start? I s’pose I’ll start with the here and now and catch up as we move along.

Although I am still a lover of making cards, the world of mixed media has stolen my heart. Don’t get me wrong, I am definitely newbie in status. In addition  I am just tittering on the edge of comprehending the large array of products and techniques involved in the mix media world.

however…..if it is messy, colorful, and blissful I LOVE IT!


OCC Day 7 Stretch Your Dies

OCC Day 7 Stretch Your Dies
OCC Day 7 Stretch Your Dies
I’m sure some of you will be able to nod you head thinking oh man I hate those kind of days.

i was working on my card for day 7. Everything was moving along steady and peaceful, the love of crafting days. I had colored my background, made a little setting area, got things masked and stamped, even removed the masks.

if I was going to get a million bucks to tell you what happened I couldn’t tell. I can tell it was one of those slow / fast motion events. No avoidance possible….sigh. I was just beginning to pic the Copics I was going to use….thennnnn some how I bumped or tried to move and the lid popped off my black archival ink pad and laded open, black side down on my nearly finished card.

We won’t go into what I said about that, but eventually I was silent with mouth slightly open and frozen.ARGGGGGGG!! Well as I sureyed the damage it wasn’t as bad as it could’ve been, but I couldn’t see an easy fix either.  I took a deep painful breath and finished my Copic work.

i decided that I was using it anyway. Even with the black cactus not turning out as I wanted along with scattered black heart break.

Hope you had better luck on your day 7 projects.