Starving for knowledge

I don’t know about you all, but when I fall in love with yet another aspect of crafting I’m all in. By this I mean I can’t get and learn to use all the sticky, flowing, and colorful media on paper or canvas or any surface fast enough!

When working with mixed media the hardest part for me is to turn off my brain and follow where the art takes me. Secondly, I also have to learn to look past my finished product…….especially when it turned out differently than expected or desired. Slowly this is getting easier. As my vision becomes more forgiving the more enjoyable my art sessions become.

One day I decided to try art journaling. I had no idea what an enormous weight would be lifting off of my heart and shoulders. To me the art journal seems to be the diary of days past. So, depending on how my journal evolves will determine if others’ are able to read it or if they simply enjoy a book of art I’ve created.

Of course, as most people I’ve read about or watched I have several art journals going at one time. The intriguing aspect of this is the open ended question…..Isan art journal every truly completed??

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