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Whew..Time Flies…

Man, I can’t believe it has already been 14 days since my last post. How crazy fast that felt.

Finally! Several weeks ago I bought Jane Davenport’s book, “Drawing & Paintaing Beautiful Faces”. It is also available on her website. janedavenport.com  What’s the big deal you ask? Well, I have been wanting to take her Beautiful Faces Workshop and she requires her book that I mentioned above to be used in tandem while taking the workshop.



Since money makes the world go ’round, and life is as it is I was in a short holding pattern for $$$ to purchase the workshop…lol Especially this time of year!

WooooHooo! Today’s the day!! I’m sure I don’t have to say(type) I couldn’t start watching the first lesson fast enough…lol

By now I have obviously watched the first video and have been happily practicing my heart out on any available writing surface…..well ok…almost any..heehee Although I have a lifetime of fun fun practicing ahead of me I have to start somewhere.

Unfortunately, as readers of this post you get to experience the rough beginnings. Luckily this documented beginning could’ve been worse…lol



Ok…..sooo sorry if you’re doing an eye roll, but I decided I needed to post my last practice of the day.You’ll be glad to hear(read) that I’m not going to post a bunch of 50 practice heads each day…go ahead say a silent thank you to the sky above….lol. I figure maybe the first and last each day…….could more likely end up being just the last of the day.

For the record I will be doing other workshops and other stuff. I will for sure be starting to make some Christmas cards my Mom just asked me to make. Ok, as dumb as this sounds it is so much easier for me to sit down and bury myself in paper & art goodies(I LOVE TO DO) when I have an actual mission. Somehow it gets me started and I can just start playing. It’s like I have a boulder clogging up my creative everything otherwise.



Just ‘Cause it’s Kinda Funny

As you can tell I drew this lil tidbit the day before my post for today(15th). However, I didn’t see anything earth shattering that would come of the date flip flop. I apologize in advance for anything that occurs out of my knowledge / control….lol just in case.

Soooooooo, this practice I was aiming to draw a front facing woman in a bikini….no idea why …probably saw something in a magazine or such. As you see I ended up with 75% +/- of a woman….yeahhhh.


A recognizable woman figure yes. However, I have absolutely no idea how she ended up backwards…doing the splits or maybe a Yoga stance…lol . Now if I pretend she’s not missing hands, feet and anything I’m not thinking of and I’m  surprised at the unintended finished project….lol

Ok…..for whatever reason my pic doesn’t want to post, so I’ll try tomorrow. Finally after a mere 12 hours I am able to complete this post by including the ever so important visual.



Scary..Lookin’ More Woman-ishy

I’m not sure which deminsion(s)(al) word I am trying or even want to use is so I’ll just say that now….whew.  Thank goodness that’s out in the open…lol. Whether it’s 1D(not sure if there is a 1D just cya’n)’ 2D, 3D, or 4D ….. it’s NOT.. I’ll say… type it again NOTTTT easy!!!!!

Now don’t get me wrong. I was in no way delusional thinking I’d pick up a pencil and have it turn into a magic wand….but seriously…lol. As I sit thinking(mental picture trying to see what I’m asking myself to draw) should the next line go back slightly angled to the right or down and kinda towards me? I can feel my gray matter twisting, turning, squishing, and yanking as I place a 2 inch mark on my project.

The thing is I have notebooks, pencils, ereasers(A LOT!!!), all over….anywhere I could potentially find myself. I started doing this so no matter where I do happen pause I have my STUFF!!!

Sometimes when I having a not so good moment in my day by simply picking up a pencil and paper ereasing anything troubling. I happily and calmly make all kinds of marks over…over…and over. Funny, after I have done and re-done something a thousand plus times the marks begins to resemble the object I have been practicing so obsessively over and over…hehe

Youuuuuu knowwwwww what I’m talking about…but it’s  nice to know your not the only pencil lover in town…..

Jez, so almost forgot this part…..not sure what my original focus was, but this is what I got this time.





I have just started working on the 1st lesson on 21 Secrets–COLOR..COLOR..COLOR put together by Connie Solera of Dirty Footprints Studio. This first class that is taught by Lorraine Bell….My Favorite Color is Sunset.

Lorraine creates beautiful watercolor sunsets. Of course she makes it look so easy that I momentarily forget it is not at all that easy….lol Hence the consistent importance of practicing.

So, I am posting my first attempt…as much as it pains me…lol I’m hoping that I will be able to steal some craft time this evening or tomorrow. Lorraine talks of using several stacked layers. We will see if I can do anything in that regard.

If all else fails I’ll simply turn the page an breakout the paints, brushes, and water for the next trial…<ahem> practice…lol

21 Secrets–Color Color Color.by Connie Solera of Dirty Footprints Studio.
Class / Tutorial

Slow & Steady…Lol

I began working on this angel on October 30th. To be honest I have absolutely no idea what was holding up its creation. Finally, yesterday November 9th. I am to a point where I feel good calling it done. However, knowing me I will think of something that’s needs to be added…lol

This angel picture was an excercise I did when taking the Art Heart & Healing FREE class on  Willowing.nig.com.This angel was created in week 4. Eventually I will figure out how to draw arms that don’t resemble those of Frankenstein…lol. I’m working on Week 2 & 3 and will hopefully those be completed soon.

i have taken several of the classes / tutorials on willowing.ning.com and have been inspired and loved them all.

Art Heart & Healing Week 4