Just ‘Cause it’s Kinda Funny

As you can tell I drew this lil tidbit the day before my post for today(15th). However, I didn’t see anything earth shattering that would come of the date flip flop. I apologize in advance for anything that occurs out of my knowledge / control….lol just in case.

Soooooooo, this practice I was aiming to draw a front facing woman in a bikini….no idea why …probably saw something in a magazine or such. As you see I ended up with 75% +/- of a woman….yeahhhh.


A recognizable woman figure yes. However, I have absolutely no idea how she ended up backwards…doing the splits or maybe a Yoga stance…lol . Now if I pretend she’s not missing hands, feet and anything I’m not thinking of and I’m  surprised at the unintended finished project….lol

Ok…..for whatever reason my pic doesn’t want to post, so I’ll try tomorrow. Finally after a mere 12 hours I am able to complete this post by including the ever so important visual.


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