Scary..Lookin’ More Woman-ishy

I’m not sure which deminsion(s)(al) word I am trying or even want to use is so I’ll just say that now….whew.  Thank goodness that’s out in the open…lol. Whether it’s 1D(not sure if there is a 1D just cya’n)’ 2D, 3D, or 4D ….. it’s NOT.. I’ll say… type it again NOTTTT easy!!!!!

Now don’t get me wrong. I was in no way delusional thinking I’d pick up a pencil and have it turn into a magic wand….but seriously…lol. As I sit thinking(mental picture trying to see what I’m asking myself to draw) should the next line go back slightly angled to the right or down and kinda towards me? I can feel my gray matter twisting, turning, squishing, and yanking as I place a 2 inch mark on my project.

The thing is I have notebooks, pencils, ereasers(A LOT!!!), all over….anywhere I could potentially find myself. I started doing this so no matter where I do happen pause I have my STUFF!!!

Sometimes when I having a not so good moment in my day by simply picking up a pencil and paper ereasing anything troubling. I happily and calmly make all kinds of marks over…over…and over. Funny, after I have done and re-done something a thousand plus times the marks begins to resemble the object I have been practicing so obsessively over and over…hehe

Youuuuuu knowwwwww what I’m talking about…but it’s  nice to know your not the only pencil lover in town…..

Jez, so almost forgot this part…..not sure what my original focus was, but this is what I got this time.



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