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2016??…Where’d it Go??!

I’m thinking my last post of the year is going to be simple. Simple as in just a quick update of sorts and on to the countdown. Of course I am sharing some practice faces for the las 3 days. I decided to put them all in one post this time.

No big parties for me….nope not a party animal here. Hopefully everyone has a great time finishing up 2016 along with a designated driver at the ready.

Happy Crafting & Happy New Year to ALL!!

Just Life

Everything Looks Better in Pink!!

OK, I know I can’t be the only person out there in cyber space that is as challenged as I am(or seem to be) at working in blog land.

I am just getting started on my slow and steady(hopefully) pace and I start to hit the cyber zone.  Then, just as things appear as if they are going forward…… BAM!! I hit one of those traffic calming zones(I know those are techniquely for motor vechiles) butttttt I think the analogy works pretty darn good In this situation. Don’t you??

You know these so called “zones” are jammed with speed humps, speed tables, tight turns and stuff so as to keep drivers from exceeding 5 MPH…Okkkkk maybe 10 MPH…lol. Sounds funny here, but when trying to cruise in your ride not so much…..you know it’s true.

By now I have computer eyeballs and am ready to pull my hair out…Grrrrr When I read the directions it sounded(read) so straight forward(mentally nodding my head)…ok yea I can do that.

I’m sure you can guess I have yet to be able to do this. Whats this?….you ask? What’s this extremely difficult look is it I’m attempting to create? I am supposed to easily add (yea right..grrr) decorative corners to my blog pictures…..just to jazz things up a bit. slapping forehead


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Keep on Going..Like the..”Energizer Bunny”

Hi all!

‘Tis the season here’s a lil Holly Jolly to go with the FA..LA..LA..LA…LA…LA…LA! Firstr things first. Let me set your minds at ease. I’m in no way deluded in the thinking that I’ve become a world renowned sought after artist over the last couple of months….lol On the other hand,  I can say that when I open my drawing journal to start practicing stuff I can see a definite difference from page 1 progressing through whatever page I’m on currently scribbling on. Here are some of my holiday creations. Yes, I see this big color blob and not happy about it at all!

A couple of days ago I was carefully working my way through my inbox. I say carefully because I didn’t want to cause a cyber avalanche….lol I opened an email from I’m pretty possitive it was from Jennifer McGuire.

Anyway I saw something I loveeeed(no surprise she always shows the coolest stuff )! She showed these embossing folders by We R Memory keepers “Next Level.” The one I used with red paper is my FAV so far. I do like the one used with green paper, but just something about  the triangle-ish edges I love.

Other than holiday goings on there is not too much going on other than still crying about my beloved JEEP. I didn’t realize how much I do love it and how happy I am that I had stuck with my plan of car ownership once the kids’ were older. So, I have been told several times while checking out my options and have been told more sternly that I should not have been driving that Jeep. Not even out of the driveway!! no matter what. That was great news..huh…NOT!

Might have something brewing, but no matter what you know $$ will be involved….sigh

I hope everyone enjoys this time of year in which ever way is yours!

Merr Christmas

Happy Crafting!

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Practicing for Infinity Equals Love

Today I have a sheet of practicing that looks like I decided to create ‘lil aliens..lol.  Although it looks to be the case, it’s the mere randomness of grabbing paint colors from a pile.


Come to think of it, the same rule holds true when seeing the results of my purple practice page. As I was painting my ovals I noticed how dark the purple was drying. The darkness of the dried oval caused me to worry that my facial details would be extremely difficult to see even if I used a dark pen color.


So, when I saw this was indeed the case I tried the white pen color. As you can see that really didn’t work either.

I could have changed the oval colors in the beginning after having painted only 1 or 2, but I wanted each page to have matching colored ovals on each page.

Merry Crafting!!

Just Life

Face Practice W/ a Twist

Due to trying to immerse myself in the insane learning of blog skills I’ve missed a few days from face practice. I mean it’s not like I’m going to get lashed or anything…but ya know…..ya gotta keep those hand muscles loose.



Although I feel like I’ve made a little bit of my blog fog disapate. I am realistic enough to know I have so much more to desiphor…lol know it’s not that like it was any front page story or earth shattering information, just the same all has been fixed.As always I hope all is well!

Happy Crafting!!

Cards · Christmas

Christmas Cards– √

I know what you’re thinking….she says she has them done…but did she take any pictures??? YES YES!! 👏 I even remembered pictures. To be honest I had laid down in bed all nice and comfy when the “take pics” thought jumped into my head….lol  EEEKKKK!!, yes I did jump up grab my phone and do just that. All the while my husband was thinking he married a nut…well he did it’s not my fault because he knew that before he married me…lol

I know a few are very similar, but I couldn’t decide which color I liked the best so I just tossed them all into the pool. Hope everyone is having a nice weekend.

Happy Craftig!

Cards · Christmas

Sometimes it Can Feel Like Pullin’ Teeth

I did remember to take a pic or two of the cards I managed to make today. Although I have to tell you…. it is a miracle that I had any truly completed cards to show for all my sweat and frustration. Why? Today, despite all the anticipation I had upon entering my craft space it turned out to be an extremely difficult craft day….man oh man!

I was all set to have a nice quiet time making some cards, which of course makes time fly at amazing speeds. Amazingly I even had a few ideas in mind that I was going to create.

Unfortunately the best laid plans sometimes end up as chaos. When this happens even though time feels like it is flying you find out that very little time had actually passed. I guess this would be called the craft / art time phenomena….lol

Along with so many other nit picks I absolutely could not get the lies even to save my life. So, I’m not feeling awesome about these cards. This means I will probably end up redoing them when I have better craft mojo.

I hope other crafting around the world is going smoother than mine today.

Happy Crafting!