Totally Blanked…Grrr

First, I hope everyone had a nice weekend. Now, it is no surprise that I have a terrible (w/ capital “T”) memory. <——Yup that’s me….lol

Over the weekend I worked on the cards for my Mom. Friday things were not going well…not well at all. Friday was one of those craft days that ended with a head bang on the desk!….ok…well not for physical real, but I sure was thinking about it.

Thankfully Saturday and Sunday were a ‘lil less craft brutal. I even managed to make 13 cards, which is roughly half I need.

What do they look like? How did they turn out? Funny you should ask. Especially since I usually post them on this blog. Well somebody(me) didn’t take 1 picture…. not a 1….. duhhhhh

So, instead I’m posting my progression of working on my  little sketch heads. I can definitely tell a difference, but I find I’m having a few decision making problems. It never fears every time it’s time to draw(sketch) eyes, lips and nose I can never decide how I like them to look…..for now we’ll see what the pencil(my hand) leaves behind. Then move on and be surprised after every ‘lil face….lol Fun Fun Fun!

Sorry for the lack of variety. With any luck I will be a better blog owner and remember to post my next creation.

Happy Crafting!!


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