Sometimes it Can Feel Like Pullin’ Teeth

I did remember to take a pic or two of the cards I managed to make today. Although I have to tell you…. it is a miracle that I had any truly completed cards to show for all my sweat and frustration. Why? Today, despite all the anticipation I had upon entering my craft space it turned out to be an extremely difficult craft day….man oh man!

I was all set to have a nice quiet time making some cards, which of course makes time fly at amazing speeds. Amazingly I even had a few ideas in mind that I was going to create.

Unfortunately the best laid plans sometimes end up as chaos. When this happens even though time feels like it is flying you find out that very little time had actually passed. I guess this would be called the craft / art time phenomena….lol

Along with so many other nit picks I absolutely could not get the lies even to save my life. So, I’m not feeling awesome about these cards. This means I will probably end up redoing them when I have better craft mojo.

I hope other crafting around the world is going smoother than mine today.

Happy Crafting!

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