Everything Looks Better in Pink!!

OK, I know I can’t be the only person out there in cyber space that is as challenged as I am(or seem to be) at working in blog land.

I am just getting started on my slow and steady(hopefully) pace and I start to hit the cyber zone.  Then, just as things appear as if they are going forward…… BAM!! I hit one of those traffic calming zones(I know those are techniquely for motor vechiles) butttttt I think the analogy works pretty darn good In this situation. Don’t you??

You know these so called “zones” are jammed with speed humps, speed tables, tight turns and stuff so as to keep drivers from exceeding 5 MPH…Okkkkk maybe 10 MPH…lol. Sounds funny here, but when trying to cruise in your ride not so much…..you know it’s true.

By now I have computer eyeballs and am ready to pull my hair out…Grrrrr When I read the directions it sounded(read) so straight forward(mentally nodding my head)…ok yea I can do that.

I’m sure you can guess I have yet to be able to do this. Whats this?….you ask? What’s this extremely difficult look is it I’m attempting to create? I am supposed to easily add (yea right..grrr) decorative corners to my blog pictures…..just to jazz things up a bit. slapping forehead


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