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My Name is Jennifer & I…

My name is Jennifer. (Holding up right hand ✋️) I am hopelessly addicted to art & craft supplies!! Don’t get me wrong I LOVE❣️) the hands on working in journals and creating cards. No matter what if I’m not multi colored with splats of paint & mediums all over me I haven’t been my craft room.

When I say addicted I  don’t mean I just have a few stamps, rulers, markers, and a few pads of paper. I have a lot of paper which wouldn’t be too bad if I used it. I am a paper hoarder…I have some pieces of paper that are so beautiful  that I can’t bear to use….lol Absurd I know, but it’s the truth. I have had to apply very strict purcase rules to my art / crafting shopping or window Shopping. One thing that makes me weak is all the super neat stuff the companies are always creating!!!

So, you might be wondering why I’m blogging this today. Well, I have been forcing myself to not open any email that does not look like it is from family or a bill. Basicly I don’t open anything that doesn’t look legit.

I broke my rule…well actually I should say I’m going to brreak my rule.  I’m waiting to catch the Lawn Fawn mail box …that is a definite awaiting purchase. I unconsciously start flipping through contraband(lol) emails. Ohh man!! I couldn’t see and read enough I was beginning to create shopping carts st 2 or more companies.


Just Life

It Boggles the Mind(at least mine🤔)

I must be walking around this world on auto pilot. Seriously, how else can I be doing this doing that and putting off those other things? Yet, if someone(or even if I just try to remember) I draw a total blank….like loud white noise blank.

taking into account the above information…….uhhh maybe I should say above non information.I find myself getting ready to try and put something amusing in a post because I realize my pockets are bare. I’m not feeling to bad because it’s only been a day or two. Everyone knows how life has to fit in somewhere…..right?

NO WAY!! My eyes feel like they were about ready to pop 👁👁 out of my head. It tells me it has been 10…yes…10 day since my last post!!! Granted I did visit and create another page that I’m deciding if I want to use.

JEEZ, what kind of blogger am I?? Well, we all know the reality of this cyber situation is I get lost. Where? I have no idea, but I’m pretty sure y’all probably guessed that too.

i hope to have something to offer something for anyone nice enough to check out my blog.


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Sometimes I’m Utterly Speechless!!!

As the title of this post states, sometimes I am utterly speechless!! Even as I sit here trying to figure out what I want to say I’m drawing a total blank. A few hours ago I escaped to the craft room to make my son a card for his birthday. I won’t say things were perfect, because they definitely were not. However, things were definitely going smoother than the previous day.

After a few die cutting tragedies I managed to cut one I liked. I slowly worked my way to my finished card. I had just stamped the back of the card that it was me that had put the card together….I sat back and took a deep breath….done.


I flipped the card open and time seemed to stop as my eyes popped out of my head….yes…I should have known!!! Jeezzzzz, I put the Happy Birthday upside down on the front of the card. I almost fell out of my chair. Especially since I had checked several times before I stamped the stupid thing…..sigh Alas life in the craft room continues….grrrrr!

Now that I think about it, I really shouldn’t be too surprised. Every time I try to  help my husband measure something 99.9% of time we goof it up.

The thing is we ALWAYS….always use the measure twice cut once rule.The only problem is that it seems is that in our case it seems to be we measure 15 times and usually have to cut more than once…lol  It’s kinda funny if it wasn’t so irritating!!!

I suppose everyone has a gift, At least we aren’t in denial about ours…lol Of course that doesn’t make things any less frustrating .

Happy Crafting to all!!

Birthday · Cards

Ain’t it Always the Way??

I gotta say if I didn’t create a project with something goofed up….it just wouldn’t be mine. What can I say..that’s how I roll…lol

As I was working on this card for my Dad’s birthday I keep thinking something looked a little off. I just couldn’t put my finger on the issue. So I continued to stumble my way through construction. I was slightly miffed that it wasn’t working out like I was picturing it in my head. That being said when I was finished and I paused to inspect the finished piece I had to admit that all in all I was happy with how it had turned out.

I have included a picture of the inside as I put a bit of decoration to jazz it up a lil. Now you will also notice that there is no wording or anything on the inside. My Dad….well actually my Mom too like me to have the personal part on a separate insert. This of course allows them to reuse it…lol.

Finally completed I went to put the card into the envelope. That’s when I realized what that little “thing” that was off that I couldn’t figure out. Yes! I had made the card roughly 1/8″ to 1/4″ too long…ughhh(slapping forehead). So, I created a personalized envelope to compensate for my faux pas.

Mom, I know you get update notifications when I add a new blog posts… puleeeaaaaseee don’t show Pop the card just yet…lol. Thank you…..Love you….

As Always…Happy Crafting!