Ain’t it Always the Way??

I gotta say if I didn’t create a project with something goofed up….it just wouldn’t be mine. What can I say..that’s how I roll…lol

As I was working on this card for my Dad’s birthday I keep thinking something looked a little off. I just couldn’t put my finger on the issue. So I continued to stumble my way through construction. I was slightly miffed that it wasn’t working out like I was picturing it in my head. That being said when I was finished and I paused to inspect the finished piece I had to admit that all in all I was happy with how it had turned out.

I have included a picture of the inside as I put a bit of decoration to jazz it up a lil. Now you will also notice that there is no wording or anything on the inside. My Dad….well actually my Mom too like me to have the personal part on a separate insert. This of course allows them to reuse it…lol.

Finally completed I went to put the card into the envelope. That’s when I realized what that little “thing” that was off that I couldn’t figure out. Yes! I had made the card roughly 1/8″ to 1/4″ too long…ughhh(slapping forehead). So, I created a personalized envelope to compensate for my faux pas.

Mom, I know you get update notifications when I add a new blog posts… puleeeaaaaseee don’t show Pop the card just yet…lol. Thank you…..Love you….

As Always…Happy Crafting!

One comment

  1. Your secret is safe with me! Beautiful card and it wasn’t a problem that it was a bit large – clever gal just recreated the envelope! Hugs –


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