Sometimes I’m Utterly Speechless!!!

As the title of this post states, sometimes I am utterly speechless!! Even as I sit here trying to figure out what I want to say I’m drawing a total blank. A few hours ago I escaped to the craft room to make my son a card for his birthday. I won’t say things were perfect, because they definitely were not. However, things were definitely going smoother than the previous day.

After a few die cutting tragedies I managed to cut one I liked. I slowly worked my way to my finished card. I had just stamped the back of the card that it was me that had put the card together….I sat back and took a deep breath….done.


I flipped the card open and time seemed to stop as my eyes popped out of my head….yes…I should have known!!! Jeezzzzz, I put the Happy Birthday upside down on the front of the card. I almost fell out of my chair. Especially since I had checked several times before I stamped the stupid thing…..sigh Alas life in the craft room continues….grrrrr!

Now that I think about it, I really shouldn’t be too surprised. Every time I try to  help my husband measure something 99.9% of time we goof it up.

The thing is we ALWAYS….always use the measure twice cut once rule.The only problem is that it seems is that in our case it seems to be we measure 15 times and usually have to cut more than once…lol  It’s kinda funny if it wasn’t so irritating!!!

I suppose everyone has a gift, At least we aren’t in denial about ours…lol Of course that doesn’t make things any less frustrating .

Happy Crafting to all!!

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