My Name is Jennifer & I…

My name is Jennifer. (Holding up right hand ✋️) I am hopelessly addicted to art & craft supplies!! Don’t get me wrong I LOVE❣️) the hands on working in journals and creating cards. No matter what if I’m not multi colored with splats of paint & mediums all over me I haven’t been my craft room.

When I say addicted I  don’t mean I just have a few stamps, rulers, markers, and a few pads of paper. I have a lot of paper which wouldn’t be too bad if I used it. I am a paper hoarder…I have some pieces of paper that are so beautiful  that I can’t bear to use….lol Absurd I know, but it’s the truth. I have had to apply very strict purcase rules to my art / crafting shopping or window Shopping. One thing that makes me weak is all the super neat stuff the companies are always creating!!!

So, you might be wondering why I’m blogging this today. Well, I have been forcing myself to not open any email that does not look like it is from family or a bill. Basicly I don’t open anything that doesn’t look legit.

I broke my rule…well actually I should say I’m going to brreak my rule.  I’m waiting to catch the Lawn Fawn mail box …that is a definite awaiting purchase. I unconsciously start flipping through contraband(lol) emails. Ohh man!! I couldn’t see and read enough I was beginning to create shopping carts st 2 or more companies.


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