No More lil’ Egg Heads….Lesson 2

For some reason today I just decided to take the leap to lesson 2. I know it’s been awhile since I started working on the little egg heads as part of lesson 1. Incase anyone has a memory like mine the online class I’m working on is Beautiful Faces by Jane Davenport.

Here’s my first attempt at practicing larger features. I was rather happy with how she turned out, surprise…surprise.img_1347

For my second try on paper I decided to try and give her a bit more hair.  Not too bad, but she needs a little surgery on her right eye…lol Ahhhh, it is fine she’s young yet….lol


My last test drive for the night got the sparse hair, but in a return I gave her a touch of color. Thought this one ended up better than expected and that is always nice to see!!


Hope this post wasn’t too boring. Hope everyone had a nice weekend!



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