Love Working on Faces

First, my 3rd and last face from yesterday was bugging me. I didn’t like having reverted to sparse after moving on to creating a first face with hair. So, my first order of business was to update my previous posts last face. I realized yesterday but was too lazy to inset into yesterday’s post, but she looks kinda sad……definitely not purposely done.


I was feeling like I was kinda on aa face roll…lol So, here are the last 2 from today…as of right this minute. Unfortunately, as you can see I have some unnoticed misalignment on blonde. I bet you can’t guess how many times I erased and redrew the right side of her face and not digging blonde in general I dunno kinda looks like you are seeing blonde through water….hmm

No worries…..pencils, colored pencils and a journal….practice ahead—->


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