New Day…New Face..For Sure!

First up is a face that I technically ended up drawing last night. I decided that yesterday’s post more than enough content, I am not trying to bore any potential followers. Well, let me just say this lady got a little too much Botox during her last visit…lolimg_1355

While I was tossing lines around on this next lady I realized I had never given anyone black hair. Sooooo, no better time then as the thought passed. Not real sure how I feel about the black hair…actually not sure I feel about the blonde either.No worries there! I have plenty more pencils and journal pages to keep on creating!img_1965

Tsk tsk tsk me and eyelashes, lips, and noses need some….thing…lol

Hope everyone had a nice Tuesday. If  you were lucky enough to squeeze out some craft time..Rock On!


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