Creating a future “Jolly” holiday (Christmas) card, but not quite “feeling” the “Jolly”…yet.

Potential Christmas Card 1st option.

I have been thinking about this card idea since I ordered the tree, full, background die.  As you see I even took the immense amount to time to stamp. color, and die cut all these lil cuties critters.

The first time I looked at this card I thought….hmmm looked better in my head, than reality.  In reality my first thought was it was to busy, I should have stuck with the 2-3 items with The Merry Christmas.  

Then, as always I took it out to get a second view from my husband, John. When I first asked him if it was too busy or ok he snickered.  Making me think I was right it was too busy. Then, to my. surprise he said he liked it and would keep it that way.

However, me being me I think I am going to make a similar one slightly different version and then let him compare and see what he thinks.

Generally speaking however, I hate when you order something such as a die for an idea that looks so speculator in your head, but just ok in your hands.

It is especially a slight bummer when I have to take so many days and hours off and on due to those wonderful medical limitations to see the outcome of my “dream card”.

 However, since I have been forced to find all new doctors, due to my doc of 14 years just up and leaving all his patients high and dry.  Oh, just as a note when a long time doc like this leaves you with no immediate access to your medical records and your have to wait on the state, It is impossible to find a doctor that will see you(me) until I had them, or a referral, which is basically just a difficult if no doc will see you(me) Oh, and the hospital was a useless waste of time! So, obviously forced to slowly remove yourself from the meds you will not be able to refill the inability to do anything for months and the relentless pain makes for unbelievably longggggg days and short nights.

This has been the first time I have even felt like or been able to set foot in my craft room to attempt any crafts for more than 5+ years(sigh). 

Sorry about slipping back into medical land but it consumes so many of my thoughts and life it is hard to not put some down on paper so to speak. Maybe a lil added therapy to go with my Therapist….ugh




  1. I really love your card – and it might be busy – but I’m so happy to see you are creating again! Let me see the new card when you develop it. I will want to order a couple for the gals I have dinner with once or twice a month. Is there a space for a little picture in one of the ornaments?


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