Totally the opposite of my last post, Short& Sweet. This one will most like be long due tothe absence of a post or too.

Uh oh, my last post never published….arghhhh So this post is a total opposite of my post after my next post. Jez, what a pain.

Now this card I made years ago and came across when I was digging through my stuff.
Here is how that card gives a lil Christmas card fun. Sorry about the pic not being the greatest, but hard to take while using one hand.

Not sure why, but this one is more appealing to me this year more than years past. However, I’ve pretty much decided I’ve made so many trial cards that I will most likely be mailing out an assortment this year.

Of course, ya never know what happens until the mail hits the box…lol.

Ok, I was so excitedly waiting to receive this background…..candy canes. It’s also one of those times things don’t go as anticipated!


So, this was yesterday’s card that I did not have time to post.

I kept trying to do a technique that Jennifer McGuire showed in one of her recent videos, frustration got the best of me. She was using Gina K ink and embossing it somehow before the ink dried. I can’t remember if she was using clear or some Ranger frosted type.

That part really isn’t important, I tried both and every time I tried only 1/2-1/3 would get embossed….grrrrr. Hence this somewhat rough looking candy cane card about.

First, you can’t really tell the card is built on a candy cane background, that I was so eagerly waiting to show up in my mailbox.  Second, I wanted the candy cane raised and I chose the incorrect foam adhesive to have this occur.  Of course, by the time I realized my OOPS! It was too late. so, I trudged ahead…..

I don’t despise the card, but it’s disappointing to me in my head.  Which is almost worse.

First, I absolutely love snow people!! However, although my card is different as I have different craft choices than others. I did get the snow person idea from 2 different sample cards I saw & loved at both &


Never fear we are moving on to today’s card, meaning today’s post is coming to an end.

This time, even with its imperfections I LOVE this card! There is just one problem…..this is a very labor intensive card.

Stamping & die cutting all the lil pieces, coloring, creating the background, and the sentiment decided to force me to redo it several times.

So, while I’d like to make multiples of this card, I cannot make myself say I’ll make more. I’m trying to consider just one more…lol As always ya never know what will happen.




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