A Christmas Tree Actually Exists This Year

An Actual Christmas This Year

After 4-ish +/- years of no Christmas anything.., other than gifts my husband and I would take to other people’s houses this year is different.

After talking about getting a small tree for over a month my husband took it upon himself to go out and get one.  After he had it put up I did manage to make myself drape some lace around the base.

He picked out a nice tree. I like the lighted balls rather than little lights. Although it is nice and I did manage to make Christmas cards for my Mom and myself this year, I’m still not feeling that holiday cheer.

When the youngest of my 2 kids left the house to live with his Dad and older brother my life just changed as I never imagined.

I no longer cooked, I could barely force myself to take 1 or 2 pics on holidays & birthdays.    This in on top of my medical situation which was snowballing out of control at a rapid pace.

On a slightly happier note, since I have found all new doctors things seem to be changing slightly for the upside. Not to be confused with good.

I have seen my kids more in the last 4 months than I have over the past numerous long years.

I hope everyone is having a nice holiday time of year!


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