A Nontraditional Paperkutzs Post

After a sleep study

Today (actually last) night for this morning’s post of different kind. Last night I was scheduled for a sleep study so that I could hopefully get a prescription I used to take. Roughly 4 months ago when a doc I had been seeing 14yrs…yes 14 years locked his doors and disappeared i only had 1 or 2 refills left.

if you have never had the pleasure of having a sleep study I’ll give you a brief run through. Usually you show up around 8-8:30pm of the scheduled night. You then spend an hour to (in this case) an hour and a half getting wires stuck or glued all over your body including your head. You also get a stap clipped under you arms and around your waist. The other end of all the wires get plugged into a box thing.

The greatest part is that the 6 or so wires that go on your head(in my case lots of long hair) get glued onto / into your hair, I kinda looks like the glue used in Kindergarten. Then you carefully waddle to and get into bed. In my case I get hooked up to a bipartisan machine. Sweet dreams as you try to sleep w/o disconnecting any wires. If any get disconnected or don’t record properly they come in and wake you up while they figure out the problem.

They wake you up at approximately 5:30 a.m. They disconnect everything they spent forever connecting and you stumble out the door w/ glue blobbed in your hair, but all you can think about us getting home & taking a wireless glueless nap…..lol

After you wake up your hand goes to your head feeling all the goop you hope doesn’t take forever to get out of your hair.


Product List

Generic notebook used as journal

Zenacolor Water Color Pencils, (Amazon)

Pentel PG 1019 0.9mm Graphic Gear $pc Mechanical Pencil set, (Amazon)(Jet Pens)


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