You Knowwwww I couldn’t not draw a practice Gal today….

today’s Practice Gal

Now I hope I’m not disappointing anyone(hopefully people look occasionally at my blog). Anyhow, when I posted the tree post there might have been some onlookers thinking….”sigh(of relief)she posted a non person post”…lol A reminder that since this is a profile drawing it is practice for the (Willowing) Summer Fae Online Class.

A few notes on this chickie. AfterI took pics for the 2nd time I noticed her non spiral side shoulder looks off because I missed a curl of hair….oopsy. Now this next thing I’m not positive about. I cannot decide if I definitely made her eye too big.(Better to see you w/ my dear….HA..j/k).

I have to say I tried…I really did try to have a non gal day, but I didn’t do what I should have done. I should have gone and made a card for (SSS Monday Challenge), a las I decided I would do that tomorrow.

Of course, tomorrow is Wednesday so I will also need to make a card for the (SSS Wednesday Challenge). I have great hopes of winning one(even both wouldn’t break my heart) of these someday…..fingers crossed. Even if I don’t win I’m building up an assortment of different types’ of cards to have ready at hand. So, technically I s’pose it is a win win.


Product List

Generic notebook used as journal

Sargent Art Water Color Crayons, (Amazon)(DickBlick)

Generic assortment of different sized generic paintbrushes

Pentel PG 1019 0.9mm Graphic Gear $pc Mechanical Pencil set, (Amazon)(Jet Pens)

Assorted NeoColor II Watercolor Crayons, (DickBlick)

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