Is it a Magnet, a landing, strip, a portal, or ??…….Will update w/ Visual

Total Chios …Was going to draw, but decided to just take a picture.

Wondering what the heck I can possibly be talking about?

Well…I am talking about my dining room / kitchen table. I don’t know if it is because it is so close to the door or what. I tend to not think this is the reason, in the past the table has not been so close to the door,

Can I possibly be the only household in which this occurs? I would make me feel better to know that I’m not alone in this problem.

I don’t know if the table is a magnet, a landing strip, a portal(of course if it was a portal things most likely would not accumulate). It is truly a mystery. It wouldn’t be so baffling if it was only collecting keys, wallets,purses and such. However, it is amazing what ends up growing roots on my table….

Currently w/o moving anything I can see a large T square, pliers, screwdriver string, replacement sprinkler parts and other misc.items. There are items I can’t quite identify.

Now to be fair there were some painting tools buried under other things. However, I actually put theses things with the painting tools that will be used if Mother Nature ever allows my son’s to paint the house.

I will tentatively have to broach the subject about clearing off the table with my husband,,,then I will have to be diligent to not allow this mountain to develop again…lol


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