Truly Mind Boggling….

Not Fog Semi-heavy rain

It’s  unbelievably amazing the effect my thoughts(yes my simply thinkings)of potentially having some exterior painting scheduled(just scheduled)has on the weather. It has not rained for months at my house.

Yesterday it was supposed to rain, but all it did was do a little spitting off & on(just enough of an inconvenience you have to turn your windshield wipers on every few minutes or so when the car is moving(,

Just incase it is not obvious by looking at the picture I am going to point out a few things. First, it obviously can’t be heard, but today the rain is accompanied by thunder(I can’t remember the last time it thundered). On the right you can see the wind is actually blowing hard enough to making the leaves blow and  you can see they(the leaves) look limp & weighted down. Out by the road where it looks foggy, it is actually fairly strong rain.

Just an update before I publish this post. The thunder is still grumbling, but the rain has slowed to a light sprinkle. Now this is good for my plan change of going to visit my Mom, but even if it stops raining the house will still be to wet to even think about painting,,,sigh.


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