A before picture…I will update when finished painting…Anticipation for some…

These were the colors the house was painted on 2-23-2011

When we moved in the house was whit w/ black trim. Now I love white cars. I can even deal with white on interior walls. However, for some reason I absolutely hated the white & black colors that someone had painted the house.

The first color we painted the house was a medium green w/ cream trim, I liked these colors on the house. Next, the house was painted a darkish grey w/ burgundy trim, I liked these colors as well.  These colors were the colors the house was painted before the above picture.

This morning it popped into my head that I should add a before picture. This picture is showing the colors that are being retired. I can’t believe that these colors were put on the house 2-23-2011. 2011….just shy of 9 years!! This info blows my mind, I had no idea it had been so long.

Today is hopefully paint day, it’s  a little on the chilly side, but no rain. After taking an hour or 2 to wake up his older brother it was paint day #1. They were able to borrow their Dad’s paint sprayer. I really had no idea how big a difference time wise this would make, but if it made things easier for my kids and Tyler then it works foe me.

Shortly after the boys arrived Tyler arrived( my youngest’s(Justin’s)gf for a year now to help. She was mostly watching for any missed spots and working on trim.They got the primer / sealer applied. After that they did a lunch run… provided by Mom(me).

Once lunch was over the primer had time to dry and they started on the color….yeaaaaaaa. They got to having the last wall of the house to do and the 5 gallon bucket hit bottom…..bummer

Oh well, after we still have to finish the house and porch. Once we replace a few sheets of plywood on my husband’s shed we need to get that painted. Man ants are really a pain in the pa toot.

Needless to say, tomorrow I will be making a paint run. They probably won’t be over again until Next Sunday, but I want to have the paint for whenever they are able to come by. As I write this in the back of my mind I think that might be when we are doing Christmas at Mom’s. I will have to double check the calendar, and pass it on incase they weren’t aware of the date.

Either way between now and then I will be doing little bits here and there when and if I can. My husband will be working on helping out as well, that is if he can ever manage to get home before dark.

I was amazed at how much they were able to get painted, and I will never be able to thank them all enough.



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