Yesterday(Tuesday) was a semi-errand day

The all important paint

The all important extra 5 gallon paint bucket. Mentally I was supposed to get this Monday, but I had done more than I should have around the house. Needless to say it didn’t get done that day.

I was hoping to post this yesterday(Tuesday), but ended up getting evolved elsewhere on other things(once again over did things).

Lucky for me before this happened I went out to get paint and ended up stopping at Family Dollar on the way. As I was getting close enough to see Family Dollar I saw they had wrapping paper displayed outside…sigh. I didn’t need a lot, but I did need some wrapping paper so into the parking lot I drove and parked. I grabbed a couple rolls of wrapping paper, a few gift bags, package of bows, 2 storage items that would hopefully work for what I needed, and got in line.

Done at Family Dollar, off to PPG Paints I headed. Of course I used this time to jam on some purchased saved tunes I had on my iPhone.

Holy cow, I’m not sure what the computer problem were at the paint store, but it seemed to take foreverrrr. Why should the computer issue matter? Well, it just happened to be the on needed to add tint to my plain paint. Why they couldn’t use any of their computers for this, being a paint store and all, I have no idea.

Waiting wouldn’t have been so bad, but they needed to turn the a/c down, the temperature was uncomfortable, and that’s for sure. Needless to say as you see above I finally acquired my 5 gallon bucket of paint.

Sorry the picture is less thank desirable, but I didn’t have the patience to wait for the day to brighten. Turns out it has not brightened much as it is overcast and raining, alternating between slow and steady. I was expecting for it to rain at any moment yesterday(Tuesday)  from the way the day looked. It did end up storming, but it wasn’t until approximately 9p.m.


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